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What people say about us...

“Joe Meissner opened the right doors for me.  He has an extensive network and his experience in the private equity market is substantial.  Joe’s advice regarding people and deals is exceptionally insightful.  He can be tough and honest in an agreeable way.  Joe has become both a friend and a trusted advisor to me.” – Robert M. Henry, Chairman & CEO, Arbonne International

"As my career agent, Joe was the bridge from the old world and the new world. He partnered me with a private equity group to help me buy my current company." – Bill Templeton, CEO, The Diamond Center (former CEO, The Money Store)

"Joe is always there to give me the help and advice I need.  Successful journeys need qualified guides and Joe has been my career agent and my guide.  My private equity partners think very highly of Joe. " – Marty Allen, President & CEO, Party America

"Joe Meissner took me from a dead-end platform through a retro-rocket process.  As my executive agent, he helped me develop powerful relationships and landed me in a private equity-backed platform that led me to become wealthy beyond my expectations." – Glenn House, Angel Investor & Corporate Director

"We have a commitment to back exceptional CEOs.  When Joe brings us talent, ideas or leads, we listen.  As the inventor of the executive agent model, he is a guy who understands the importance of human capital to private equity funds." – Peter Pfister, Managing Director, Red Diamond Capital

"Joe Meissner is an unusual blend of West Coast entrepreneur meets 'no nonsense' Texan.  He understands the talent and commitment that it takes to build a business, but won't spare an executive's ego in order to guide him or her in the right direction.  He is absolutely unerring in sizing up both people and deals, and a master of finding outsized opportunities for outstanding people." – Mario Petrocco, SVP/CFO, Verance Corp.

"Joe Meissner provides rare objectivity to senior executives like me.  His only agenda is his client's agenda. His relentless persistence to match his clients with the right private equity fund led me to a role with a great equity position." – Brian McAdams, Investor and Corporate Director (former Chairman/CEO, National Media Corp.)

"I had been so busy giving everything to my company that I forgot to tend my career.  As my executive agent, you provided me the counsel and the connections to re-energize me and my career." – John DeShano, CEO, Levi Strauss Canada (retired)

"I was doing well as an SVP of a large corporation, but always had a goal to run my own company.  Joe developed several private equity backed opportunities for me, including my position as CEO of an industry leading company. I continue to consult with Joe as my personal confidant and friend." – Bob Sands, President & CEO, Bordiers, Inc. (former SVP, Harry & David)

"Joe has been a highly valued strategic partner.  We know that when Joe brings us a CEO, he or she will be top notch." – Scott Milius, Managing Director, Genstar Capital

"Working with Joe has been a pleasure and a great learning experience.  Acting as my career agent, he grew my network exponentially.  He has uncanny skills to bring out the best in an executive.  Our relationship has evolved into a personal friendship." – Dr. Nagesh Mhatre, Investor & Corporate Director (former CEO, Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems)

"Many of our deals begin with an executive who has compelling vision for his or her industry.  Joe introduces us to proven executives around whom we can build an investment strategy." – Patrick Haiz, General Partner, Clearlight Partners

"In our business, he who has access to CEOs is king of the mountain.  We need Joe because he's connected to talent. If Joe needs you, you are one of the lucky few." – Ted Stolberg, Stolberg & Company (private equity firm)